Lesson 4: John: Jesus Helps Thomas with Doubts

Lesson 4: John: Jesus Helps Thomas with Doubts


John 20:24-29

Dig In to the Bible

  • Read:John 20:24-29
  • In This Passage:The disciples tell Thomas they saw Jesus—alive—after he’d died! Thomas doesn’t believe them. He says he needs to see and feel Jesus’ wounds to confirm that Jesus is real. Jesus appears, and Thomas believes. Even though we can’t see Jesus, we can trust that Jesus is real.
  • Bible Point:Jesus is real.
  • Summary Verse:“But to all who believed him and accepted him, he gave the right to become children of God” (John 1:12).


Dig Deeper

  • Jesus is real. Younger kids probably don’t struggle with doubts about Jesus, but older kids may be beginning to. Either way, it can be hard for kids to think of Jesus as a friend when they can’t see him. Help your kids learn that because Jesus is real, we can be his friend. Jesus is glad when we believe in him even though we can’t see him.
  • What would you say to a “doubting Thomas” who didn’t believe Jesus is real?


Dig In to Prayer

  • Pray that your kids will feel Jesus’ presence in a very real way.

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