Lesson 6: God Makes Bitter Water Good

Lesson 6: God Makes Bitter Water Good


Dig In to the Bible
·       Read: Exodus 15:22-27
·       In This Passage: After the Israelites escape Egypt, they travel in the desert for three days without finding water. When they finally find some, it tastes bitter. They complain and doubt God’s plan, but God shows Moses a piece of wood to throw in the water. The wood makes the water good to drink! Even though they don’t deserve God’s goodness, God shows grace.
·       Bible Point: God shows grace…
·       Application:…so we show grace.
·       Summary Verse: “The Lord is compassionate and merciful, slow to get angry and filled with unfailing love” (Psalm 103:8).

Dig Deeper
·       God shows grace. Grace is a lot easier to accept than to extend. Most kids have no problem believing that God loves and forgives them, even when they don’t deserve it. But when other people are acting hard to love and forgive, passing on God’s grace can be challenging! Help your kids truly immerse themselves in how amazing God’s grace for them is so that they can’t help but let it overflow to others.
·       Think About: How has God shown you grace? What good things has he given you that you don’t deserve?

Dig In to Prayer
·       Pray that God would help your kids understand the depth of his grace.