Lesson 13: Psalm 119: Guide

Lesson 13: Psalm 119: Guide


Good Morning River Ridge Kids!

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Parents: Here is a chance to interact with your kids. You are the teacher! Here is the lesson for today.

Dig In to the Bible
·       Read: Psalm 119:105-112; Mark 12:28-34
·       In This Passage: A psalmist explores how God’s Word is like a light, showing us what path to take. Jesus sums up the two main things God’s Word shows us to do: Love God and love others.
·       Bible Point: God’s Word shows us what to do.
·       Summary Verse: “Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path” (Psalm 119:105).

Dig Deeper
·       You’ll Be Teaching: God’s Word shows us what to do. In a world of instant answers from Google and Siri and advice from friends and YouTube stars, kids are bombarded with messages of what to do, how to live, and how to be cool. Help them see that the best source of guidance for the choices we make is God’s Word.
·       Think About: When has the Bible led you to make a choice or think differently about something?

Dig In to Prayer
·       Ask God to show himself to your kids through his Word.

Here is a HANDOUT that you can use as a resource.

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