Lesson 6: Sermon on the Mount: Giving

Lesson 6: Sermon on the Mount: Giving


let’s watch Sarah as she shares the lesson with us!

Parents: Here is a chance to interact with your kids. You are the teacher! Here is the lesson for today.

Dig In to the Bible

Read: Matthew 6:1-4
In This Passage: In this section of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus warns about doing good things like giving just to be noticed by other people. Hypocrites call attention to their gifts, but Jesus wants us to give privately so that our hearts are about giving…not about looking impressive.
Bible Point: God loves a giving heart.
Summary Verse: “So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today” (Matthew 6:34).

Dig Deeper

God loves a giving heart. If you collect offering in your children’s ministry, you probably find that most kids who give bring their money in clear plastic bags that do little to hide their gifts. And sometimes, kids proudly announce how much they’re giving. While you don’t need to ban plastic bags as offering receptacles, encourage kids to think about the reason they are giving and to give out of hearts that want to help, rather than out of pride.
Think About: Feeling brave? Ask God to show you if there’s anything you need to do differently when it comes to giving. Is your heart coming from the wrong place? Do you need to give more sacrificially or more regularly?
Dig In to Prayer

Ask God to help you create a culture where your kids are excited about giving.

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