Grassroots Apologetics Event (GAP)
  • 7664 Wilmot Rd
    Spring Grove, IL 60081

  • River Ridge Church

Grassroots Apologetics Event (GAP)

It’s no secret that children of all ages are being exposed to negative criticism of Christianity as they spend time at school, with friends, or online. Research shows that at least 60% of kids eventually reject their faith as young adults. But there’s a lot you can do to spiritually prepare the next generation for what they’ll encounter.

Grassroots Apologetics for Parents (GAP) is a Bible-centered ministry that works with local churches to come alongside and equip parents with an understanding of worldview and apologetics (how to make a case for and defend the truth of Christianity). Our passion is to help close the “GAP” that exists for parents between knowing the world will challenge their kids’ faith and knowing what to do about it.

Join us for this special one-time GAP-sponsored kickoff event where you’ll learn what it takes to raise believers with confidence in their faith in today’s challenging world!  The event will be held at our church on August 29 from 12:30 until 1:30 P.M. Please click HERE to register.