Small Groups

Small Groups

Brian Calendine, Small Groups Coordinator

We encourage all Christ-followers or seekers to take advantage of any or all of our River Ridge Church Small Groups. The goal of River Ridge’s Small Groups is to connect people to Jesus Christ, each other, and the community. Small groups are the life-blood of our church. Everyone, from the newcomer to Christianity to the well-seasoned believer, is invited and encouraged to be a part of any of our small groups. At River Ridge church we offer different small group opportunities for men, women, and young adults seeking to further their relationship with Jesus.

One opportunity is through participation in “Connection Groups”. Connection groups are multigenerational small groups that minister to men, women, singles, and couples. The groups provide four important components: fellowship, prayer, study of God’s word, and outreach to the community. They are for the very new as well as the experienced believer. Our groups are set up according to geographic location and meet in members’ homes. Every month or so we plan to participate in community outreach with our small group communities. Through our small group ministry, we look to get closer to God, get to know each other better, and become a church that extends beyond the four walls of a building to show the love of Christ to our neighbors. Currently, some of our Connection Small Groups are meeting in person and some are continuing to use Zoom. Check with your leader for meeting plans.

In addition to Connection Groups, periodically throughout the year, we offer traditional Bible studies for men and women that focus on specific Books of the Bible. These studies provide the participant with the opportunity to take a deep dive into a specific book or bible topic to increase the participant’s understanding of Scripture and the application of the lessons into their lives.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning about small groups in your area.