Wayfinder Ministry Consultants

Wayfinder Ministry Consultants believes that our world desperately needs churches and ministries to thrive.  We need the Gospel to be proclaimed, God to be worshiped, and authentic community to be revived.

With our world changing so rapidly, casting vision, creating a culture, developing strategies, and building teams to make these goals a reality is not easy.  That is why John Denny felt called to begin WayFinder.  He realized that many churches and ministries do not have the financial resources to pay consultants.  So they formed WayFinder as a 501c3 to provide high quality consulting services, so that every church and ministry can thrive!

We believe in the…

  • life changing power of the gospel, Eph 2:4-8
  • importance of the local church, Eph 5:29
  • strength of teamwork, Eccl 4:9-12
  • value of wise counsel, Prov 1:5 

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