Practical Christian Living

Practical Christian Living

Here Comes the Judge

Text: James 5:7-11. Introduction: In our passage for this morning, James talks about something that most Americans are not especially good at …. I’M TALKING ABOUT WAITING. I THINK THE REASON WE STRUGGLE WITH IT IS THAT OFTEN THERE ISN’T A LOT WE CAN DO ABOUT IT. WAITING MEANS THAT WE’RE DEPENDENT ON SOMEONE ELSE TO DO SOMETHING BEFORE WE CAN GET ON WITH OUR LIVES.   IT…

Handling Hardships

Text: James 1:1-8. Introduction: One of my favorite books of the New Testament is James. It was written by one of Jesus’ half-brothers, with whom He shared the same mother. It is filled with practical suggestions about how to live well as Christ-followers. For me, seldom does a week go by when I don’t look to it for some wisdom regarding my or someone else’s…