Who We Are

In a world of complexity and confusing messages, our objective is to be a “simple” church as reflected in our “simple” mission: To glorify God and Advance His Kingdom by loving others to Christ”

Although there will certainly be opportunities for events and programs, the foundation of River Ridge Church and the focus that defines us as a church is captured in the four following objectives:

We want to be a church…

Where everyone is welcome.

It doesn’t matter if you are a seeker just wanting to learn more about Christianity or spiritually mature and looking to get connected to other believers, you’re welcome here.  Our goal is to create a church in which everyone is cared for and connected as part of an extended family bound together by our faith.

Where you can take the next step in your relationship with God.

Whether that next step is to explore Christianity, commit your life to Jesus, or use your gifts and passion to reflect your faith in good works, River Ridge is committed to helping you along that journey.

Where together, we can touch our communities in tangible ways with the love of Jesus Christ.

River Ridge Church is not content with simply coming to worship together once a week. We also want to be a congregation that reaches outside our four walls to help meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of others in the name of Christ.

Where we start new churches, one every five years.

Consistent with our commitment to touch our communities, we aspire to be a church-planting church.   As we continue to grow, rather than create a larger church, our goal is to extend our reach and plant other congregations that will reach new communities with the Gospel.

We believe discipleship involves

(WORSHIP) regularly coming together as worshipers of Christ;
(GROW) growing in our understanding and application of God’s Word to our lives;
(SERVE) serving the Lord both inside and outside the local church;
(SHARE) sharing Christ with others through good works and the Good News.